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Analysis of Algorithms, Columbia, Summer 2009
- Formulated algorithms about sorting, searching, dynamic programming, graph and NP-completeness

Machine Learning, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Developed algorithms about regression, SVM, PCA, EM and graphical models using MATLAB

Financial Technology, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Designed a pricing model for job risk insurance and create a simulation system using MATLAB with GUIDE in a team of 3
- Simulated and visualized parameterized monetary supply dynamics using Python with matplotlib

Nonlinear Physics, PKU, Spring 2006
- Mathematical formalization of flows, maps, periodic orbits and bifurcation theory

Multivariable Statistical Analysis, PKU, Fall 2005
- Analyzed multidimensional data using regression, principal component analysis and clustering algorithms with SAS

Computational Molecular Biology, UW, Winter 2004
- Implemented Viterbi algorithm and EM training on hidden Markov model applied to weighted directed acyclic graphs for genome and protein sequence analysis in C/C++

Data Structures & Algorithms, UW, Fall 2003
- Studied fundamental algorithms and data structures for implementation

Intrusion Detection Systems, Columbia, Fall 2009
- Built and analyzed user behavior models based on captured network packets using Nmap, Snort, tcpdump and R

Programming Language & Translators, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Designed a programming language for manipulating graphs and implemented the corresponding translator using Java and ANTLR in a team of 4

Operating Systems, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Modified Linux kernel about thread synchronization, process scheduling, memory management and file system using C and VMware in a team of 2

Artificial Intelligence, UW, Winter 2004
- Designed and implemented a E-mail spam classifier based on Bayes model using LISP in a team of 2

Computer Animation, Columbia, Spring 2009
- Implemented a 3D spring-mass system with elasticity and collision detection using C/C++, STL, PETSc, XML and Mathematica

Computer Vision, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Accomplished 4 projects about object recognition, edge extraction, photometric stereo and optical flow using C/C++

User Interface Design, Columbia, Fall 2008
- Created a paper prototype, a drawing system and a Twitter client using Java Swing and Flex in a team of 4

Computer Graphics, UW, Spring 2004
- Accomplished 4 projects about image processing, modeling, ray-tracing and animation using C/C++ and OpenGL

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