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    Computer AnimationColumbia, Spring 2009

      - Implemented a 3D spring-mass system with elasticity and collision detection using C/C++, STL, PETSc, XML and Mathematica

    Computer VisionColumbia, Fall 2008

      - Accomplished 4 projects about object recognition, edge extraction, photometric stereo and optical flow using C/C++

    User Interface DesignColumbia, Fall 2008

      - Created a paper prototype, a drawing system and a Twitter client using Java Swing, Flex and JSON in a team of 4

    Computer GraphicsUW, Spring 2004

      - Accomplished 4 projects about image processing, modeling, ray-tracing and animation using C/C++ and OpenGL

Animator, Trace, Modeler and Impressionist Projects in CSE 457 Computer Graphics Course, UW, Spring 2004

Projects introduction: Open in New Window
Computer Science major course instructed by Prof. Brian Curless, in University of Washington.

OpenGL, C++, FLTK Demo