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Animator, Trace, Modeler & Impressionist

I took the Computer Graphics course (CSE 457) in Computer Science Department at University of Washington.
It was instructed by Prof. Brian Curless, I really enjoyed the course projects, they were so cool. 
OpenGL, C++ and FLTK were used to create tools and artifacts. 
Projects were done by collaborating with another classmate, usually each one contribute equally to the work. 


Animator project
with Jeff Tyrrill
Music by Tianjie JI. 

We have constructed two kind of fish models, programmed by OpenGL. 
The bubbles generated by the fish are due to the particle system with three kinds of forces involved.

Images were synthesized by programs we wrote and complied based on a established framework. 
Composed in Adobe Premiere.

The story was that a school of "good fish", the green ones, finally beat the bad guy, the grey one, which with a laser beam over its head.

Play the Demo and AVI

snapshot.JPG shot12-0044.JPG

earth_debug.JPG earth.JPG

Trace project
with Tjam-Ie Ling

Two small spheres are floating inside a bigger sphere. The refractions are taken cared.
Those spheres are colorless but transparent themselves. A kind of environment texture mapping is applied to support the earth-like color.

Play the Demo


Modeler project
with Lam Nguyen

A fish, modeled by programming in OpenGL.

Play the Demo

yi_wang-orig.JPG yi_wang.JPG

Impressionist project
with Chad Towns

We've implemented a warp brush that can stretch and pull the image, using the 'Alex Warp' method (see
This image is generated by warpping the left edge of the orignal to create some 'extension effect', see the eyebrow, face and shoulder.

Play the Demo