..Machine Learning

    Machine LearningColumbia, Spring 2009
      - Developed algorithms about regression, SVM, PCA, EM and graphical models using MATLAB
MATLAB Source Code

    Financial TechnologyColumbia, Spring 2009

      - Designed a pricing model for job risk insurance and create a simulation system using MATLAB with GUIDE in a team of 3

      - Simulated and visualized parameterized monetary supply dynamics using Python with matplotlib

    Nonlinear PhysicsPKU, Spring 2006

      - Mathematical formalization of flows, maps, periodic orbits and bifurcation theory

    Multivariable Statistical AnalysisPKU, Fall 2005 

      - Analyzed multidimensional data using regression, principal component analysis and clustering algorithms with SAS

    Computational Molecular Biology, UW, Winter 2004

      - Implemented Viterbi algorithm and EM training on hidden Markov model applied to weighted directed acyclic graphs for genome and protein sequence analysis in C/C++

C++ Source Code

    Artificial Intelligence, UW, Winter 2004

      - Designed and implemented a E-mail spam classifier based on Bayes model using LISP in a team of 2

LISP Source Code