Real Time Visualization System of Network Dynamics, 2005-2009

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- Yi Wang
, Luhua Lai, Qi Ouyang, "Visualization System of Biochemical Network Dynamics.Computers and applied chemistry, 26(4):385-389, 2009. (Main technology used: ActionScript) 
- Work in State Key Laboratory of Molecular Dynamics and Stable Structure, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University.

Code: http://github.com/yiwang/iv

Modeling the Intracellular Dynamics for Vif-APO Mediated HIV-1 Virus Infection, 2006-2009 

- Yi Wang, Luhua Lai, "Modeling the Intracellular Dynamics for Vif-APO Mediated HIV-1 Virus Infection." Chinese Science Bulletin, 2009. (In Press). (Main technology used: MATLAB) 
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Poster and Slides in From Structure to Systems Based Drug Discovery Symposium, Beijing, 8/2007: Open in New Window
Graduate work in Center for Theoretical Biology, Peking University.
Supervised by Prof. Luhua Lai (Chemistry) and Prof. Qi Ouyang (Physics).

MATLAB Source Code

A Mixed Model of Microsatellite Mutation and Optimization, 2003-2004 

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Undergraduate research in Dr. Joseph Felsenstein's lab at Genome Department of University of Washington.
Supervised by Prof. Mary Kuhner, a scholar working in the frontier of population and evolutionary genetics.

C++ Source Code

"Statistics of SARS in Chengdu" Geographic Information System, Summer 2003

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Undergraduate project in Sichuan University, supervised by Prof. Zongyong Zeng (zengzy@scu.edu.cn, Ecology).

ESRI MapObjects, Visual Basic Source Code