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Geographic Information System

I designed and programmed a GIS system on "Statistics of SARS in Chengdu" as my undergraduate research under supervision of Prof Zeng zongyong during the summer of 2003 (June to September) in Sichuan University.
It's based on a object component framework using "MapObjects", a product for programmer by ESRI.
The digital map were ploted by our group members(Xu Huining, Li Xi, Lan Ting, Hu Junyuan, Chen Xuening and I).
(The data is just for demonstration, not real.)

ESRI MapObjects, Visual Basic Source Code

The map shows the statistical information for each area.
Each spot represents a specific address.

Query result and figure demonstrate the database part of this system.

An output view for a project I have done by following a tutorial for studying "ArcView".
The output view by 'ArcView'.